Copy This Idea by Andrew Reynolds – Book Review

Copy This Idea - Andrew ReynoldsI have seen mixed reviews from this book and since reading it I can see why, if you just read the book alone and expect all the answers you will be disappointed, the ‘Copy This Idea’ book itself is designed to work in conjunction with the DVD sets that come with the book.

Andrew Reynolds has produced a book that covers his life and how he has been able to make money from home by selling information products to people through copying exactly what another successful guy has done, hence ‘Copy This Idea’.

What Andrew Reynolds does with ‘Copy This Idea’ is to give an overview of how he was able to make money from home and the methods of how this was achieved, the basics are not exactly rocket science – buy low and sell high- and all the methods that are covered in the book are then expanded out in the DVDs so you can do exactly what Andrew Reynolds has done to make money from home and Copy This Idea.

If you are interested in the book I have found a website where Andrew Reynolds is giving away Free Copies of ‘Copy This Idea’ and the DVDs, the book retails at £9-99 but he will send you a copy for just the postage of £1 so go get one now, I don’t know how long this offer will last.

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